Motherhood Mix Issue 011

The Motherhood Mix

Issue 011

Sorry I missed last week! I hope you and your family have been doing well and staying healthy!

This week, we’ve got a report on modern fatherhood, how you can “brag better” in your career, and a quick trick to calm down when worry/anxiety are getting the best of you.

~ Jessica

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Research shows that modern dads spend 3 times  as much time with their children as our grandfathers’ generation. Which is great news because engaged dads help teach our daughters that they are no less important than boys and teaches boys that chores are a normal part of being an adult. But, apparently there’s such a thing as dad guilt

Feel like you could do a better job of talking about your accomplishments at work? Or, maybe you want to use your privilege/power to help someone else get the recognition they deserve. An author shares some advice on how to do just that.

If stress or anxiety are getting the best of you, this breathing technique seems like a great way to center yourself. The author says this trick works well because it requires you to use more of your senses. 


I’ve been learning that “cues” can be super helpful when trying to incorporate new habits into your daily life. A cue is anything that can be a precursor to the new habit you want to start. For example, brushing your teeth at night could be a cue to read 10 pages of that book you’ve been meaning to read. 📚

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